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Confezione Regalo
Barbara Esposito
Bambola biancaneve

Arrivata nei tempi previsti molto ben fatta e confezione integra, compresa quella regalo. Buon servizio efficiente

Mothra Movie Poster Version Godzilla: King of the Monsters 2019 Action Figure 30 cm Neca 42897

The Shining Action Figures 2-Pack The Grady Twins 15 cm

Mumm-Ra soda

Sodas are such excellent quality and compliment my Mumm-Ra funko. Bought two hoping to get a chase but no luck.

Transformers Generations War for Cybertron: Kingdom Action Figures Deluxe 2021 W3


Prodotto eccellente, qualità e servizio impeccabili.

Johnny Silverhand Variant Cyberpunk 2077 Action Figure 18 cm

Palline natalizie Frozen

Avevo già comprato 10 palline blu piccole Frozen, adesso ho preso anche queste argento più grandi. Molto belle, spedizione rapida

Space Jam 2 Peluche Looney Tunes Plush 29 cm


I've never owned a Temuera Morrison/Jango Fett figure before and I'm really happy I got this particular clone trooper. It's a rare figure with a perfect headsculpt and paint application. As with General Kenobi and Anakin from the same wave, Hasbro have managed to add a very slight stylized feeling to the face without breaking its likeness and realism. A one of a kind figure that comes with a ton of accessories. Grazie!


This is one great figure! I love the display box and its artwork, the figure itself is flawless, the whole model and paint application are both very detailed. I can't believe how realistic the jacket and jeans are! None of NECA's Marty figures really looks like Michael J. Fox to me, they all resemble him to some extent but they are not totally accurate. This one is no exception, nonetheless the headsculpt is great! I particularly like the head with the cap better. The accessories are a fantastic addition to the figure! I'm really happy with the purchase!

Arc Trooper Echo Star Wars The Clone Wars Black Series Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary Action Figure 2021

Thundercats Liono Soda

Difficult to find at selling price. All other prices have been higher and resell on eBay expensive. Lucky enough to find poptoys and with reasonable shipping prices. Ordered two and found a chase! Great value


Muy contento!


This is a great figure! The headsculpt is perfect and it absolutely looks like Ewan McGregor/Kenobi but they've also added a twist of that cartoon look from the animated show. I've never been a huge fan of The Clone Wars but I've always loved this particular look of General Kenobi wearing Jedi robes and clonetrooper armour bits. It's a fantastic combination of textures and colors! I'm really happy with this purchase, thank you Poptoys!

Love it

So happy with it and it arrived pretty quickly.


Exactly as in the picture. The shipping was fast and tracking was available.

The Conjuring Universe Retro Action Figure Annabelle 20 cm NECA 14893

amazing Service

Amazing service very impressed , and I just placed another order.

great product, good quality, as in the picture.

the little girl has been trilled about the product. Thank you!

The Real Ghostbusters Kenner Classics Action Figures 13 cm

Proprio come dalle foto. Mia figlia è molto felice

A Must have!

That thing is so cool 😎 a must have for every Apex fan. The mechanism to "open" it is a little rickety at times but its not too bad. Delivery to Switzerland was really fast as well. All in all im happy and would order again. 👌🏻

Ottimo astuccio

Ottimo astuccio: ben fatto e sufficientemente robusto.

Ottimo venditore, pronto a risolvere ogni dubbio

Ottimo venditore, pronto a risolvere ogni dubbio